Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Still posting...

I hope you're keeping up with me. I have been the worst blogger and I'm still catching up. I'm sure I won't include everything that has happened lately, but I guess I do have a lot to share! 

One of our most recent activites lately had been basketball! Last year we got off scott free because no one wanted to play. Hunter had a rough year the year before with a coach that thought only his son should get to carry the team. After talking to Hunter and prodding him that he could do anything he put his mind to, he decided he would try it again! He has done awesome, and really shown how much he has grown up! He has a coach that has really tried to teach them the rules and techniques of the game. They have quite a few "plays" they have been perfecting. Hunter has even gotten control of the ball and really done well with it!

They are always on the move, so it's hard to get a good picture. Here is Hunter shooting his foul shots! Go #20!
This one cracks me up! All the boys look like they have to pee, but it's actually one of their plays. It keeps all the defense team on them and keeps the court open to bring the ball down and right to the basket. Maybe they'll learn to put their hands somewhere else. :)

Hailey also chose to play this year! She has done so well with it. Their team hasn't quite learned all the rules yet. But they are definitely making progress, and it shows every week! She has enjoyed being active lately and its definitely given her a boost of confidence. We love our Hailey!
She really gets in to it!

They do a lot of running back and forth!

I hope Tyghely will make her mind up on an activity to go with. But so far she just enjoys hanging out with Mom and Dad. I think she is just waiting for something unique and special to do!  Either way, the kids have been keeping us very busy and we are so impressed with the people they are growing up to be!

Growing up...

On July 27, 1993 my very first neice was born. Though I was only 13 at the time, I felt elated! I wish I had some pictures of Ashley's younger years. Unfortunatley she grew up mostly in Oregon, where I didn't get to take many picutres.  However the last few years she has done quite a bit of growing up! Including graduating from high school this last summer and now getting married. She is such a sweet person, and has probably had to grow up faster than most. But she has handled herself with grace and integrity and I hope she will be very happy in her new life with such a nice young man!

She was sooo beautiful!

The wedding was very nice, and put together so well. I think you can always tell when things haven't been organized very good. Ashley did a phenomenal job!
Okay, I'm a little patial to this one!

Ashley and her little brother Kyle. She has always been the best sister to him. He is so lucky to have her!

The last of "Flat Hailey"

So for the 3rd and final day of flat Hailey, we decided to make a meal just for her! And what could you make but MINI pizzas???

Complete with Mini pepperoni!

And for dessert...
Chocolate Chip cookies that Hunter and Hailey made together!

It was a fun few days with mini hailey, but I'm glad to see her go on another adventure.  She will be taking a trip to New Mexico to see Blue Grandma. I'm sure she will have plenty of things to do there. She might even make something fun! We can't wait to see what memories she can make with Grandma.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To go along with the last post of Hailey's "flat" person, here are a couple more pictures of her day 2.
Hailey had just got out of the shower, but her flat hailey was getting ready with her.
She spent the day at school with her.
Then they came home and put together Valentine's for school. They turned out really cute!
Here is the finished product, minus a small piece candy that will go on the blank red square.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Playing catch up...

So since I got back into posting, I realize I have a lot to catch up on. I started downloading all my pictures and organizing them into folders. Of course there are probably way too many so I will start with a few of the most recent.

Hailey has a school project which includes a "Flat Hailey". It's supposed to be a replicate of her. She has to take it with her everywhere for 3 days. So we tried thinking of a few fun things to do.

First she took her to her basketball game.

Then we went to Sam's club and got dog food.

Then we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

And finally we got frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.

All in all, we had a pretty fun day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Feelings

Last winter while I was laid off, I really got faithful at working out. This year, not so much. I have found that my mood is directly related to my financial status. I know it sounds stupid, and I'm not poor by any means. But if I am crunching my money, or pulling in the reigns, I feel too lousy to work out. I know that exercise helps my mood. So I decided to get back into it! One of my most favorite things to do is Pilates. It makes me feel strong and alive, and for one reason or another I don't feel like it's a dreaded thing to do. Running...I hate running. It is so boring to me! Forcing myself to get on the eliptical or the treadmill, just is not what I want to do. I don't feel like it challenges my body the way it should. Now I know I need to get some cardio in there, and I am going to try and work on it. But I just cannot express my love for Pilates in a way to make you understand. So I'll leave it at that. Not to mention, I got to reconnect with one of my favorite people!!! It was an all around happy dayand made me feel happy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family time

A couple weeks ago we were able to go spend some time at our friends cabin in Island Park. The kids had a great time sledding in the snow since our neck of the woods seems unable to get any. It was a great time! I'm always so amazed at how quiet the woods can be. While we were there our friend took some pictures of our family. We definitley weren't looking our best but it was nice to capture the moment. We played some games, watched movies and enjoyed talking til 1 a.m. with our friend. And we definitley hope to do it again soon!

He took quite a few, but we always have to get a crazy one in there too!  That's just how we are.